About Us


Coatpeople is a Danish brand established by designer Signe Sophie Kjer in 2008. Since the very beginning, Coatpeople has been all about high quality knitwear and wool garments. The way of production is essential for the brand and in close collaborations with our manufactures we create exclusive and limited pieces that has been put together with high consideration from start to finish. A small factory in Portugal's Braga & Guimaraes district handles the production of our coats, which are produced in very limited amounts. Our soft wool jersey is knitted in Italy and afterwards manufactured in the Porto district in northern Portugal. The collection of knitwear is made in Tuscany in northern Italy by a small family-owned factory which also has a collaboration with local women making the exclusive handknitted styles. Every piece is numbered and signed by the producer which for us emphasizes the importance of the relation between the manufacturer and the customer. Ultimately, the entire collection consists of slow fashion pieces, which are meant to be worn and treasured season after season because of the high quality and timeless design.


Coatpeople has only been available at selected retailers, primarily in France and Japan. In 2020, where Signe decided to put the wholesale on hold, Coatpeople has exclusively been sold in the Copenhagen based store Stig P and online at stig-p.com. This enables us to keep our prices very favorable, even though the production costs and yarn prices keep rising. When we sell directly to our customers we can keep the prices at a minimum.  

Our goal is for our customers to fall in love with their Coatpeople garments and we enjoy seeing customers coming back every season for a new knit, wool jersey or coat.